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CATS Testimonials

“We have been using CATS for a year now and think it is wonderful. It is quite easy to use and, although most templates are provided when you subscribe to the program, they can easily be changed and new ones added, to suit individual requirements and preferences. If data is entered correctly when opening a new file, very little editing of letters and documents is required.
From our point of view, the biggest advantage is the ease of operating the trust account. Reconciliation only takes a few minutes each week and small errors are very easy to find and fix, whereas with our previous system, it sometimes took hours each month. This has helped our bottom line because we have more time to devote to paid work and it has given us extra leisure time.
The support we receive from you is outstanding. You have never made us feel that we are asking silly questions or taking up your time.
We consider that CATS is an almost perfect Conveyancing package.”

Julie & Henry Rusak – Rusak Corporate Conveyancing

“We constantly wonder how we got through our workload before we had CATS. The program streamlines our Conveyancing files and allows us to implement our office procedures quickly and easily. The templates that are provided are easy to use and easy to alter to suit our office. It is also simple to create our own templates and save them into CATS for future use. Any technical issues we may have (or cause) are dealt with swiftly, efficiently and effectively."
Tammy Edwards – Tuckfield Conveyancing

“Just wanted to thank you for the CATS program which we have now been using for some time. Not being one for change I cannot believe how much time I am saving using the program, especially with the printing of cheques and the balancing of the Trust Account. We should have gone on earlier! Also, we appreciate your help during the change over period and it is reassuring to know that we have someone local and willing to help in times of need, which to our surprise has not been very often. I would be lost now if I was not using CATS and on behalf of myself , Bianca and Emma I would not have any hesitation with recommending this program to any Conveyancer”
Tony Severino – Registered Conveyancer

“I am the proprietor of a small Conveyancing practice. Many other conveyancers would know that means having to do most of the work themselves. CATS has provided me with the tool to do so. The flexibility in the system means I can produce any letter, document or statement needed, to my own specifications. The accounting system is easy to use, and I have found, unlike the previous system I used, accurate. Balancing my Trust Account at the end of the month takes minutes.
As with any system the program is only as good as the backup provided. Any issues I have are always promptly dealt with. Unlike the previous system I used, where the fact I was in South Australia meant this state’s requirements were ignored, I have found the operators of CATS willing and able to modify the system as needed.
Congratulations to the developers of CATS. I have no hesitation in recommending the system to Conveyancers.”

Paul Cunial – CPS Conveyancing Services

“ We have been using the CATS system for this conveyancing practice for almost three years. We find it practical, time saving, simple to learn and easy to use. We particularly appreciate the simplicity of the Trust Accounting System and the ease with which we can do reconciliations.
The inclusion of most of the Lands Titles Office forms into the system is a great bonus. One of the main reasons for switching from the system we used to use was that support for it had become almost non-existent.
With CATS we have always received prompt help when we needed it.”

Cor Vermey - A to Z Conveyancing

"CATS user since 2008. I was one of the first ones to go onto the CATS system now nearly 2 years ago and have been very impressed with the ease of using the program and the ability to “self tailor” the templates to my requirements.
The adjustments screen has saved hours of work with the ability to do a percentage adjustment for “less that whole” assessments. The Trust Account management system is very user friendly and the ongoing updates will be advantageous to all users. The search facilities within the program enable you to search from a variety of sources thus enabling you to call the file up on screen and leave the hard copy in the drawer if need be. The ability to save PDF files to each file has reduced by filing cabinet storage dramatically as all searches and now scanned and saved in soft copy. The ability to email copies of documents or statements directly from the program has enabled me to communicate with clients interstate and overseas with ease.
The software support side of the program has been outstanding with prompt response and assistance with any issues. I have no hesitation in recommending the CATS program to any professional Conveyancing office."

Beryl Greig

“I am very happy and pleased to recommend CATS to any prospective users.
I have been using the system for 12 months, and although I had some teething problems with my understanding of the reconciliation process of the trust account, I would not use another system now.
It is a very automated system, and it is very quick to set up files and all the functions of conveyancing are in the system, so one does not have to go out to write letters, get forms, print cheques etc, and the templates are easily adaptable to suit each office’s style of letters.
Nick is excellent with his back up assistance, which has been very much appreciated especially as I am not a computer or IT person, and local help is unbeatable
I have used 2 other systems over the last 9 years previous to Cats, and Cats surpasses what I have previously used.”

Josie Scott – Registered Conveyancer

“We have found CATS to be a simple, logical and efficient dedicated Conveyancing tool that assists us in delivering a professional service to our clients.
The program is supported by industry professionals that always attend to operational and service needs in a cheerful, prompt and helpful manner.
I have no hesitation in recommending CATS to any Conveyancing practice wishing to use an industry specific Conveyancing program.”

Deborah Fenton - Fentons Conveyancing

“CATS is extremely easy to use and self explanatory. The IT support is always well received with a quick response time. It is certainly a welcomed change compared to the previous software we had been using. Well done Nick & Kel. “
Renee Patterson, Port Lincoln

“Both Bruce Twelftree & I are very, very pleased with the Cats program. The document and Trust account integration are the best we have experienced.
The time saved using the program, as compared to our previous software is most pleasing. The peace of mind gained that the ability to balance my trust account daily, together with the accuracy of computer generated and printed cheques and bank pay-ins, is worth every cent we have spent on the program.
The immediate response to cries for help when I have done some silly things with the trust account is most appreciated. The fact that repairs to the database can be done on-line by Nick is the best part of that.
The fact that the program is written and developed by "one of us" is a major feature and the reason it is so friendly to use.”

Roger Scott - Conveyancing centre